Piptronic Features

  • Built-in market timing algorithm
  • There is no random buy and hold trades here! Every trade Piptronic makes is highly calculated over days worth of data. Piptronic's Market timing algorithm was by far the feature I invested the most time, money and research into perfecting. Market timing is one, if not the most important part of forex trading. Forget all those martingale EA's, they will bankrupt your account one day or another, and you will never see it coming.


  • Trend Adapting Technology
  • If you have used an expert advisor before, you probably know that it only seems to be profitable when the market is on a constant upward, downward or sideways trend. Unless the market follows that specific expert advisors strategy(which we all know will never happen for a long period of time) then you will start to see losing trades. There's no if and's or but's about it!


    This is where Piptronic's state of the art trend adapting technology comes in. It has it's core strategy it follows, but when the market changes, Piptronic analyzes the data, and alters the trading strategy in order to profit in the new market condition. This is one of the main reasons Piptronic only trades 1-3 times per day, so it can make the absolute safest trades possible. Another very important ground-breaking feature Piptronic is backed by is it's...


  • State Of The Art Money Management System
  • This was one of my first big features I added back in the development stages in 2006. It is great if you are seeking long term profits, but will decrease short-term profits. So for example, our $100,000 total net profit for 2008 was without the money management system turned on. Had it been on, I might of only seen $75,000 total net profit. However, add another year onto that, and then you start to see the difference. After two years, that $75,000 could multiply into $500,000+ where as without the money management, I would just make another $100,000 or so thousand that 2nd year. Understand?
  • A Revolutionary New N0S Setting
  • This is one of my favourite features. When you load up Piptronic, you will see this N0S setting. Just like on cars, when switched on, it provides a substantial boost to your profit capabilities. You can see the difference with N0S turned on, and then off on our results page here.
  • Drawdowns below 10%
  • This was a very important goal of mine to achieve the lowest possible drawdowns, to keep my reliability standards in check. You will see in all my reports, the maximum drawdown never goes below 10%.
  • Winning Percentages well above 90%
  • One of my hardest goals to achieve, but after adding all the above features, seeing over 90% winning trades is quite common.



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