Piptronic Customer Testimonials


Testimonial #1



This screen shot was sent to us by one of our very first customers, Mike L. Mike made just over $3,000 in his first month with an initial deposit of $2,000.00. Here is what Mike had to say:


"I would just like to thank you Jon for putting out such a great EA. I had previously tried Forex Funnel, Forex Autopilot and FAPTurbo and they either lost more than they won, or bankrupted my accounts. The features Piptronic had to offer intrigued me to purchase, and I am happy I did. Thank you! I have attached a screen shot of my earnings report from my first month."


Testimonial #2



This report was sent to us by Andy G. He started with a $5000.00 initial capital and earned $7 431.12 in just 20 trading days. Here is what Andy said in his e-mail:


"Wow!! So It has been 20 market days since purchasing and I am amazed. 56 total trades, 50 winners, 6 losses for a total net profit of $7431.12. I couldn't have asked for better results. I may just setup another account, throw 1000 bucks in it, and run Piptronic with the money management system turned on and leave it with these kinds of results. Truly amazing!"


Testimonial #3



Here are some excellent results from Logan Daily, over at New-Forex-Software.com Logan is a highly popular and well known automated forex trader with a huge following of extremely loyal members. Here is what Logan had to say:


"Thanks for the review copy Jon! The results I have seen thus far are almost exactly like you described. My $1,000.00 initial capital has grown close to $2,500.00 in less than 2 weeks. Keep in mind I am running much more aggressive settings as I do with all my tests to see the true colors of expert advisors. So far Piptronic is holding it's own quite well"


Testimonial #4


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"Well I had your EA on since last Friday, so far its made 10 winning trades, not 1 lose and over $ 1500 in profit…….. I have attached a screen shot Thanks you for all your efforts in putting this EA together, it has been a refreshing change to buy a product like this and it actually works unlike so many others on the market. Regards"




Testimonial #5


"Jon,this EA is just awesome.With an $8000 account this has grown to $9889 in 4 days! Your EA has made 10 trades to date for 10 wins....100%...... Mindboggling. I have tried 2 other EAs which ended up as refunds as they were totally useless. I have recommended your EA to others and have fully endorsed it. Keep up the great work and have a nice Christmas, you have made mine !!"


Bruce Crawford

New Zealand