About Me And My Program

My name is Jon Kopitar, from Slovakia. I have been active on the forex market since the early 1990s. I didn't get into automated trading until the late 90s, and then much more seriously in 2000. I immediately fell in love with the concept of having software trade for me. The trouble was, finding something reliable enough to trade my own hard earned money. After spending months searching for my ticket to freedom in an automated forex trader, I was left with nothing. So I took the next obvious step, and started researching how to build my own automated trader, and having a computer science background helped tremendously on the programming language learning curve.


I took trading strategies that had been proven to work, and applied them, mixed them, altered them, until I had something. Before long, I had what appeared to be my first automated forex trader that was winning more than it lost. I didn't stop there, I kept pushing for the highest reliability and profitability possible. I kept my standards high! I started doing more research, and slowly but surely improving the quality of my software by adding small features here and there. By 2006, I had moved my automated trader to the Metatrader4 platform where my goals for my dream project could potentially be reached.


By the end of 2006, I had my own personally made expert advisor that was making me $200 to $400 a week. A huge achievement from when I started. I still wanted more though, and I kept researching. I started looking at other expert advisors available, and their key features. I found one particular one that was quite interesting, It had two features that I wanted. A market timing algorithm, and trend adapting technology. (Read more about these on a features page) After speaking with their developers, and inspecting their software extremely closely, it was clear I needed what they had if I wanted to achieve my goals with my software. After many negotiations, I was able to purchase their technology from them for a hefty price tag.


So I took what they gave me, and modified it to suit the currency pair my software focused on(EURGBP) as theirs was built for the EURUSD pair. After implementing these two key features to my expert advisor, I noticed a remarkable change in the reliability of my software. But, still, I wasn't satisfied. I knew I could get more out of it, and I did. I went to work on the timing algorithm, and tweaked it, and tweaked it, and tweaked it, until I was getting the results I wanted.


The result was... Piptronic!


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E-mail: jon.kopitar@piptronic.com